RAMP (Ribbon Application Management Platform)

Ribbon Application Management Platform (RAMP) is the foundation for management of Ribbon’s VoIP product portfolio now and into the future. 

It provides a complete Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security solution. Delivering intuitive, reliable, scalable and automated management, an enterprise can quickly configure SBCs, identify and resolve issues, deliver improved customer experience, and do so at reduced operational costs.

RAMP is an integrated management solution for Ribbon’s SBC Core and Edge portfolio deployed across multiple domains – data centres as well as private or public cloud environments. The platform is designed using cloud-native principles and can also be deployed in multiple data centres and public or private cloud environments in standalone or high availability configurations, including options for geographic redundancy.

Taking advantage of cloud native design attributes, RAMP has the flexibility to quickly add features and functionality, the scalability to handle the management needs of any sized enterprise or service provider, the efficiency and ease of use to reduce operational costs. 

Designed to be used to manage hundreds or possibly thousands of devices, RAMP enables streamlined and customisable interworking using REST APIs and a graphical user interface that delivers a single pane of glass view of a customer’s network and services. 

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