Actionable insights into your communications network with operational visibility, assurance and security.

The future of communications in the modern business world is here. Network Operations and Voice Security are at the centre of business challenges. Small, medium and large enterprises need data-driven analytics tools with a user-friendly interface to analyse data in real-time and deliver actionable insights.

Ribbon Analytics provides a new level of operational and security solutions for communications infrastructure and services. Leveraging machine learning, Ribbon Analytics provides end-to-end visibility and advanced insights for network operations, service assurance, network-wide troubleshooting, alerts, and voice threat prevention. Ribbon Analytics is easy to deploy on both cloud and on-premise environments.

Powerful Visualisation, Analysing, Troubleshooting, and Threat Prevention

Businesses need powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use analytics tools to visualize and monitor network performance.

With Ribbon Analytics in your network, you will be able to monitor the network for KPIs and key trends as well as secure, troubleshoot, and alert on QoE issues. This provides many benefits, such as end-to-end network visibility, improved operational productivity and efficiency, faster troubleshooting, service issue identification and resolution, and security.

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Security Applications

With the potential for malicious attacks via SIP and VoIP, unified communication (UC) services and networks will benefit greatly from Ribbon’s Security Applications suite.  Leveraging the value of behavioural analytics and machine learning in the Ribbon Protect platform, the Security Applications suite provides a rich toolkit for detecting many types of fraudulent activity, and malicious attacks, making it a key component to secure UC.  Automated threat intelligence and security enforcement decisions can be shared across the network reducing security management silos by creating an overarching security umbrella that greatly reduces the VoIP threat landscape.

The Ribbon Security Applications suite includes:

FraudProtectDownload Datasheet

Bad actors are trying to enter your unified communication networks to fraudulently use your resources at your expense. Ribbon FraudProtect you will help you prevent this by identifying repetitive calling patterns to anomalous places and flagging them in real-time based on destination detection. As more fraudulent calls are made they are quickly identified and terminated, thus mitigating the potential for expensive toll charges.

RoboProtect – Download Datasheet

How do you keep your unified communications free of fraudulent robocalls and annoying nuisance calls? Ribbon RoboProtect uses advanced databases to quickly identify the source of the robocall and apply policies to stop these calls before they disrupt your employees or customers.

TDoSProtectDownload Datasheet

Unfortunately, even when you protect your unified communications from unwanted calls coming into your network it is still possible to encounter a malicious Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS) attack that ties-up communication applications such as IVRs or incoming and outgoing trunks. Ribbon TDoSProtect uses advanced algorithm and machine learning techniques to mitigate these attacks.  Advanced policies are applied at the edge of the network to siphon out these unwanted, disruptive calls from your communications networks and applications.

NetProtectDownload Datasheet

The sharing of threat intelligence data (including white/blacklists) across network elements is the key to closing the security aperture of your unified communications network. Ribbon NetProtect distributes threat intelligence policies across network devices, so you can close the gap exposed by rogue communications. Distributed security policies between your SBCs and next-gen firewalls allows you to stop bad actors at the edge of the network. It also enables your organization to have a more effective and holistic security methodology across the converged (data and communication) network.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced algorithm and machine learning techniques to siphon out unwanted, disruptive calls from your communications networks and applications
  • Identify for repetitive calling patterns to anomalous places and flags them in real-time based on destination detection
  • Fraudulent calls are made they are quickly identified and terminated, thus mitigating any expensive toll charges
  • Detects calls to premium numbers, calls exceeding bandwidth utilization or peak call rates
  • Automatically alerts on and block rogue calling patterns
  • Integrates with 3rd party fraud and robocall databases
  • Detect calling anomalies based on metrics such as CAC by Calling number or long/short call durations, and more
  • Network security intelligence sharing (blacklist and whitelist) with next-gen firewalls and automated remediation via SBC or PSX policy enforcement
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