IP Phone Estate Management & Provisioning

Currently each individual IP Phone manufacturer has it’s own proprietary redirection and provisioning methodology. Subsequently this greatly complicates  single source platform enabling a mix and match handset estate within a reseller business or customer site through a number of technology barriers. 

Techland’s solution available ‘as a service’ (powered by ForgeServe)  directly address this demand via a fully managed cloud based device management suite, enabling a single pane of glass view into the users eco-system.

“No more PLUG & PRAY”

About ForgeServe

ForgeServe is a multi-tier IP device provisioning and service management platform.

Designed by Swoop Datacom, the system is intended to provide resellers, service providers, and distributors with the complete life-cycle management solution they need to increase margins, minimise operating expenses and delight customers in a highly competitive market.

Intuitive and powerful, the ForgeServe platform encompasses a scalable and robust service for the provisioning and management of IP devices like ATAs and IP endpoints. The zero-touch ForgeServe approach ensures that sellers can migrate customers easily from one provider to another, track their assets with Geotag solutions, and perform remote firmware, or real-time device management services.

Zero Touch Support End-to-End

ForgeServe allows every reseller to become a provisioning and life-cycle management expert in their space, thanks to intensive insights into the IP experience. The cradle-to-grave approach means that service providers can support their customers and deliver high-quality experiences all the way from implementation to product scaling.

Feature-rich and low-cost, ForgeServe allows any compatible IP device to be seamlessly provisioned, managed, and maintained using a single-pane-of-glass interface. This ensures that the integration of IP services has never been easier.

What’s more, the zero-touch strategy means that ForgeServe customers can fully or partially automate complex aspects of the provisioning and management lifecycle to enhance profitability.


Multi-Level Support

ForgeServe allows integrators, support agents, and resellers to design and deliver a higher-quality service offering for their end-users. This is crucial in an age where customer experience is key. ForgeServe opens the door for fully-managed services, IP product monitoring, deployment, and QoS support from a simple user interface.

Based on the cloud, ForgeServe is vendor agnostic, and ready to access in moments. The system makes it easier to connect complex device configurations into call control platforms across a huge variety of UCaaS environments.

The simplicity of the ForgeServe system means that OPEX costs are drastically reduced, with opportunities to reduce long-term expenses thanks to zero-touch logistics provided by ForgeServe distributors.

Simple and Intuitive User Interface

At its core, ForgeServe is a clean, simple, and innovative database loaded with powerful dynamic templates for the configuration of various endpoint devices.

The comprehensive device management and implementation features provided by the system ensures that support teams can be up and running quickly, with minimal training and support.

ForgeServe means that any service provider can tap into best-in-class lifecycle services for IP customers, with modules that work either on an independent basis or as an integrated suite. When IP provisioning, device management, and Logistic Engine features come together, sellers have everything they need to outshine the competition in the UC space.


Multi-Vendor Provisioning and Management

ForgeServe is ready to work with a huge selection of endpoints and devices.

Not only is the system accessible from any device with a secure internet connection, but the platform delivers a range of intuitive functionality features for systems delivered by Cisco, Polycom, and Yealink and more.

By taking an agnostic approach to vendors and development, ForgeServe ensures that it’s ready for adoption with a broad collection of SIP devices. Resellers can tailor the perfect solution for their end-users, adjusting strategies according to the specific needs of each customer.


High-Level Security and Support

Simplicity isn’t the only feature an IP endpoint customer will be searching for when they choose their reseller or service provider. As cybercrime continues to grow at a rapid rate, it’s important to ensure that you can offer your clients the peace of mind they need to work with you.

The ForgeServe system comes already equipped with a host of security features, including SSL client authentication support, transaction encryption, and device identity validation for support against fraud. There’s also platform redundancy support available, and secure activation key generation for sellers who want complete control over their system access.

Combined with asset tracking solutions like Geo-tag location tracking, and the opportunity for remote firmware upgrades, ForgeServe is primed for secure end-to-end IP device management.

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