SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking for Enterprises

Many enterprises are struggling to rationalise legacy PBX environments made up of disparate systems that do not interoperate effectively and cannot share dial tone services. Our SIP trunking solutions can transform these same assets into one virtual communications system, with site-to-site dialing and a common service provider. Using Ribbon’s session mediation tools makes it easy to connect multiple brands and generations of PBXs together. 

SIP Trunking for Optimised IP Connectivity

SIP trunking gives an enterprise a compelling way to leverage their data-driven IP connectivity for voice communications. Using IP eliminates the distance limitations of legacy TDM (T1/E1) or analog connectivity, making it easier to centralise and rationalise trunking capacity in multi-site environments. The combination of connectivity savings, capacity savings and the opportunity to consolidate total spend with a single SIP trunking provider can result in dramatic savings.

SIP Trunking for Cloud-hosted Applications

For enterprises who are migrating their unified communications to the cloud, Ribbon session border controllers (SBCs) can still be deployed on-premises to act as the demarcation point for traffic to/from the cloud. Alternatively, an enterprise may find it more attractive to purchase SBC as a Service.

Certified SIP Trunking Solutions for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams

Ribbon has the largest portfolio of SBCs certified by Microsoft. Whether an organisation is migrating one site or an entire campus to Skype or Teams, Ribbon can provide a secure Direct Routing solution that retains local services and accelerates migration. Organisations can choose turn-key Ribbon appliances (e.g., SBC 1000 or SBC 2000) or install software-only versions (e.g. SWe or SWe Lite) on their own hardware.

SIP Security

Using Ribbon’s SBCs, at the edge of the enterprise network, secures SIP sessions and protects IP communications infrastructure such as application servers, media servers, and media gateways. However, with Ribbon’s Protect solution an enterprise can go beyond securing VoIP and IP multimedia sessions, safeguarding the enterprise network against denial of service attacks, theft, and fraud.

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