Security & Analytics

Today’s communications networks are diverse, resilient and flexible. They require a security and analytics solution that plays well with these characteristics. Furthermore, the rapid pace of innovation means that new features and applications are regularly being introduced, making it critical for service providers to have a RTC security and analytics platform that is both vendor agnostic and easily extensible, which is of course easier said than done.

As the footprint of real-time communications (RTC) continues its rapid expansion encompassing voice, video, UC&C, WebRTC, VoWiFi and VoLTE, this evolution exposes new security threats and operational challenges in real-time communication networks. These security threats and operational challenges will exist across appliance-based, private cloud-based, or public cloud-based RTC.

Ribbon security and analytics solutions address two major challenges. The first is how to address network-wide security across a diverse set of devices and applications. The walled garden era is over and in order for our solutions to be useful they need to be applicable to any network configuration. Ribbon has developed a strategy for ingesting data from third party devices, a valuable first step. Additionally, Ribbon’s security and analytics architecture also enables the platform to push policies out to any network device from any vendor, ensuring that it remains effective across the board, allowing for comprehensive monitoring and policy dispersal.

The second challenge is again centered on making a solution that is effective and in line with today – and tomorrow’s — network designs. Without the ability to interact with new applications service providers would lack the comprehensive capabilities needed for a true security posture, leading to limited applicability. Again, the Ribbon solution comes through software that enables partners, providers and others to build their own applications and design their own KPIs as alerts and automated actions.


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