Network Edge Orchestration

Network Edge Orchestration is a hybrid Cloud/Edge solution that combines the award-winning combination of EdgeView Service with our EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge™ solutions.

  • The cloud-based EdgeView Service provisions, configures and manages Intelligent Edge™ solutions and provides real-time visibility into performance and service quality
  • Intelligent Edge™ solutions at the customer premises actively monitor, secure, and optimise service quality for voice, data and video traffic

With over 500,000 Intelligent Edge™ devices under management, the Network Edge Orchestration platform enables users to rapidly scale to meet market demand, reduce capital and operational costs and provide a high-quality customer experience whilst reducing customer churn.

Intelligence at the Edge

EdgeView provides visibility to all voice and data traffic with real-time alerts/alarms for remote troubleshooting and management, fault isolation and reporting, and automated provisioning.


EdgeView Service

The EdgeView Service offers end-to-end visibility, from the MSO network to the customer premises to IP endpoints.  It can automatically provision and configure Intelligent Edge™ deployment models, give real-time alerts on service quality issues, rapidly isolate service faults and deliver advanced analytics to optimise network performance and service quality.

The EdgeView Service is used to:

  • Provision and Manage Intelligent Edges™
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Troubleshooting and Issue Remediation
  • Reporting and Analysis

Intelligent Edge Solutions

EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges™ seamlessly pair with the EdgeView to actively monitor, secure and optimise service quality for voice, data, and video traffic.  EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges™ offer:

  • Automated Detection
  • Service Quality Monitoring
  • Proactive Troubleshooting
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Interoperability
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