Managed Security Solutions

As enterprises fully comprehend the security challenges of real-time communications (RTC), they look to their communication providers for a solution. Service providers can differentiate themselves with a holistic managed security service across IP and mobile networks. By offering managed security services to enterprises, operators gain a new revenue stream and differentiated competitive offer in the fast-growing enterprise security market.

Ribbon is taking a unique integrated approach that collects data from multi-vendor networks elements and then distributes security policy across various security domains. By using Ribbon’s machine learning and network behavioural analytics platform, operators can offer a unique 360-degree managed security and analytics solution that will shape how network security is delivered in the future to enterprise customers.

Features and Benefits

– Differentiate your solution portfolio with managed security;
– Detect bad actors trying to infiltrate an enterprise communications network;
– Close the security aperture for enterprises;
– Publish security policies across network “enforcers” such as SBCs and firewalls;
– Provides a “single pane of glass” for network operations of the end to end network;
– Virtualised, micro-services architecture for rapid deployment;
– Leverages existing RTC Network Elements (No HW or SW probes required);
– Add-on applications for RTC Security, Fraud Management and Network Operations; and
– Vendor agnostic data collection – from Ribbon SBCs and PSX platforms as well as other 3rd party RTC network devices.

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