Insight Element Management System

Ribbon’s Insight Element Management System (EMS) provides centralized, efficient management of all the elements in a customer’s network previously associated with Ribbon. Insight EMS provides a complete FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security) solution with a robust portfolio of management and provisioning tools. Insight EMS offers a mature, feature-rich management system providing a simple-to-use, graphical user interface and accelerated provisioning and management processes.

Insight EMS can be deployed as a standalone system, in a high-availability configuration for maximum system uptime, or in a geographic redundant configuration for site disaster recovery

Ribbon Elements Supported

  • Session Border Controller 1000

  • Session Border Controller 2000

  • Session Border Controller Software Edition (SBC SWe)

  • Session Border Controller Software Edition Lite (SBC SWe Lite)

  • Session Border Controller 5100 series

  • Session Border Controller 5200 series

  • Session Border Controller 5400

  • Session Border Controller 7000

  • Centralized Policy and Routing Server (PSX)

  • Centralized Policy and Routing Server Software Edition (PSX SWe)

  • DataStream Integrator (DSI)

  • SGX 4000 Universal Signaling Gateway

  • GSX 9000 High Density Media Gateway

  • Diameter Signaling Controller 8000

  • Diameter Signaling Controller Software Edition (DSC SWe)

Featured Benefits

  • Delivers efficient element management of the Ribbon portfolio
  • Utilizes a real-time data feed of VNF key performance indicators (KPIs) for analytics and service orchestration
  • Intuitive, secure navigation via element grouping and role-based access control with audit trails
  • Single view for fault and performance monitoring and diagnostics for rapid identification and resolution of network and service outages
  • Flexible deployment options, including high availability (HA) and geo-redundant configurations
  • Standard interfaces to existing management processes and systems with full OpenStack integration for cloud deployments
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