Skype for Business Migration

Planning your migration to Skype™ for Business can be the difference between a state-of- the-art unified communications implementation and a slow, unreliable security leak. Moving voice to a data network provides team communication and collaboration synergies, but it brings with it new considerations regarding the security and performance of your network.

Ribbon offers a wide range of session border controllers (SBCs), protecting real-time communications from attacks on availability and privacy. Ribbon SBCs are flexible enough to support changes in population, topology and geography, continually servicing your migration to Skype for Business as it evolves.

You can feel confident with SBCs that are certified for Skype for Business. True integration adds a level of comfort that makes your migration straightforward. Ribbon Cloud Link and Survivable Branch Appliance combine award-winning SBCs with legacy-to-cloud connectivity and WAN interruption mitigation.

Some of the world’s largest service providers trust Ribbon to secure their real-time communications networks.

Features & Benefits

  • Moving voice to your data network presents new threats. Planning your migration ensures that your Skype for Business implementation will not be compromised by spying, vishing and eavesdropping.
  • It’s important to understand if adding encryption or transcoding will affect performance. This, along with how and where calls are routed, can affect not only how well telephony performs, but also the performance of the network on which your business applications run.
  • As voice moves to IP networks, it is subjected to the same denial-of- service attacks and WAN interruptions that upset internet applications.
  • Put your VoIP network in the hands of the vendor that manages over 5 billion SIP sessions per day.
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