Analytics for Network Operations

Real-time IP communications traffic continues to explode and operators are searching for new ways to increase revenues and profits. With dynamic changes to network traffic, and inefficient network planning, service providers are looking for turnkey solutions to deliver detailed insights of their IP voice networks to maintain the service level agreements and quality of service to their customers.

This is where Ribbon’s analytics platform as a network operations solution steps in. Ribbon has the toolset to proactively collect, analyze and displays all available performance metrics, faults, packet and CDR data produced by Ribbon network elements such as Session Border Controllers (SBCs)Call Controllers and Media Gateways. Ribbon enables enterprises with drilldown analysis of their network and meet their QoS and SLAs promised to their customers.

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Analytics for NetOps Features and Benefits

  • Correlation of collected data points from performance metrics, CDRs, packets, faults, logs and alarms.
  • Trending analysis to provide early visibility into service quality issues and identify abnormal peaks.
  • Schedule and automated sending  of reports by e-mail, text message, SCP or SFTP. 
  • Export results and reports for sharing with support teams, network partners and other contingents as needed.
  • Share the dashboards as static or interactive with others to view or integrate within your web application.
  • Network wide SIP ladder diagrams
  • Custom KPI generation
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