Security Intelligence Sharing

As enterprise security teams attempt to secure their networks, they often end up using a variety of products and solutions. The wide range of available options almost guarantees that these disparate products and solutions will rarely if ever interact with each other. This, in turn, generates a myriad of problems both from a security and operational perspective. The definition of security in depth implies layered security. Unfortunately, a layered security approach often implies silos of functionality and visibility. Building isolated islands of threat intelligence has only limited value. Being able to share the threat intelligence derived by these individual solutions across the network not only reduces the management silos but more importantly, also greatly reduces the threat landscape.

Ribbon Security

Features & Benefits

  • Reducing individual management silos improves operational efficiencies increases capabilities and production from staff.
  • With shared security intelligence, the ability to employ an implicit deny with the appropriate whitelist greatly reduces the attack vectors hackers may use to infiltrate an environment.
  • Detection and auto-mitigation RTC attacks and threats
  • Raise the entire network security aperture 
  • Establish a comprehensive and correlated view of attack/threat activity
  • Minimized firewall / SBC configuration issues by sharing enforcement policies
  • Dynamically share bad actor lists with other Protect Applications
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