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Market trends like digital transformation and business agility mean that today’s customers need an IP provisioning and lifecycle service they can trust. Swoop Data rose to the challenge, creating an empowering provisioning service namely, “ForgeServe”, a solution that enables organisations to reduce the overhead of engineering tasks and increase margins in the competitive communications market.

The ForgeServe solution comes pre-built with three powerful management capabilities, including:

  • Asset Management
  • Remote Management
  • Advanced Estate Management

The Feature-rich ForgeServe toolset ensures complete control over devices connected to IP communications platforms.

Advanced Security and Device Control

For peace of mind in device management, FS-ENGAGE offers the reliable FS-UNITE client. This bi-directional communication software application does not require any hardware on site for resellers and distributors to tap into the IP system. To ensure secure management, all clients need to do is enable bidirectional communications for a low-resource, high-performance software bridge to provide ForgeServe with encrypted access to the devices.

The ForgeServe system using FS-UNITE can automatically locate and claim any devices found in the network and FS-ENGAGE grouping will provide a label assigned to the MAC address based on SIP user account or Skype login details. Labels can be modified, and devices can be segmented into relevant groups based on location, or type according to the preferences of the organisation.

Comprehensive Management with Remote Access

ForgeServe device management capabilities can be supplemented by a client software application that allows remote access to the system manager. The client application ensures that users can tap into automatic network search facilities for compatible devices in the business. Additionally, the client app can push consistent communication data to management.

Resellers and end users can access the ForgeServe remote interface from any secure web connection. Eliminating travel costs, reduces OPEX expenses for end-users, and supports faster troubleshooting. Functions like factory resets and reboots can be initiated seamlessly from the cloud.


Better Data Means Better Customer Service

The ForgeServe device management system works alongside the provisioning service and Logistics Engine to provide service providers, reseller, and distributors with a comprehensive method of managing diverse communication endpoints. With an end-to-end approach to lifecycle management, resellers can differentiate themselves in the marketplace by accessing a clear view of the way customers use IP endpoints.

The Live Status Tracking feature, for instance, uses a traffic light display to improve customer service, enhance management information, and raise awareness of endpoint issues quickly, so that they can be resolved in a matter of moments, instead of days or weeks.


Complete Flexibility and Scalability

Designed with performance and simplicity in mind. ForgeServe device management comes with a user-friendly interface created to fit the business needs of the network. As companies grow, scale, and evolve, their device management organisations can scale with them, thanks to the unlimited flexibility of the ForgeServe solution.

ForgeServe can connect to unlimited devices on the same network, offer unlimited logical advanced groups, and provide access to endpoints from multiple high-performance vendors. The service can be purchased in licensed batches or on a per-annum, per-device basis.

With ForgeServe, every service provider and reseller can enhance lifecycle management with a clear view of business performance.

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