IP Phones - Device Provisioning

As the IP endpoint world has transformed, the needs of communications clients have changed with it. Increasingly sophisticated phones are complicated and complex to provision. This makes it harder for resellers and service providers making the shift from legacy deployments to IP systems to overcome the access barrier.

Simple and intuitive. The ForgeServe tiered platform offers easy migration between providers, innovate asset tracking, remote firmware upgrades, and real-time device support. ForgeServe packages come equipped with a ForgeServe CONNECT provisioning license designed to streamline the sales strategy for partners and resellers.

During provisioning sessions, ForgeServe automatically uses advanced APIs to enable device redirection, and pave the way for zero-touch support when the device is activated.


No Hardware Necessary with Zero-Touch Deployment

Ideal for the shift to cloud, ForgeServe is designed to make IP endpoint deployments more efficient. Born and managed on the cloud, customers, resellers, service providers and distributors can deploy SIP endpoints easily without the need for engineers on-site. This means improved customer experience, reduced overhead, and faster time to market.

A cloud-based provisioning strategy ensures that ForgeServe resellers and their customers can tap into the true benefits of this unique multi-tenant platform for managing and implementing IP devices.

To facilitate quick access, template-based provisioning is available for all the leading endpoint hardware, equipped with dynamic mapping for IP devices, and a common single-pane-of-glass interface for all endpoints.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Customer experience is now the most important differentiating factor for any communications brand, reseller, or service provider. Customers are in search of an organisation they can trust to deliver fast, efficient, and secure IP solution.

The transparent ForgeServe interface offers partners an opportunity for brand differentiation, by allowing them to dive into the feature sets of IP devices and make fundamental changes for their customers. Settings can be overridden, provisioning logs can be accessed, and phones can be debugged if issues are preventing effective communication.

The ForgeServe “cradle to grave” IP delivery structure delivers a range of customisation points to distributors seeking a larger market share. Multi-tenant deployment is available, as is API support which enables tight integration with existing processes and systems.


Remote Centralised Control

ForgeServe overcomes common implementation issues with a selection of automated and manual provisioning services.

For resellers in need of instant support from their distributors, the ForgeServe strategy comes with opportunities for remote centralised control. This includes features for comprehensive provisioning logs and remote firmware management.

Resellers can set themselves apart from their competitors with a low OPEX approach to implementing change requests and troubleshooting errors. The remote centralised control services are available from any IP enabled device, thanks to our cloud hosted solution.


Universal Interface for All Devices

Because each customer will have their own preferences for end-point technology, ForgeServe is equipped with a “search and find” capability for recently deployed devices. This makes provisioning easier for resellers and distributors while giving end-customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing they don’t need to replace initial hardware investments.

The ForgeServe single pane of glass interface offers the same simple and straightforward experience on many of the world leading SIP endpoints. This ensures a universal user experience with every device, regardless of the manufacturer.

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