SBC 5110

The Ribbon SBC 5110 addresses the high session requirements of medium-to-large enterprises and service providers in an all-IP multimedia environment. The SBC 5110 platform supports up to 10,000 sessions and provides industry-leading capabilities for enterprises including robust security, unparalleled scalability, flexible SIP session routing and interoperability. 

The SBC 5110 delivers superior, secure multimedia support for audio, video and data for the most demanding of enterprises and service providers.

Features & Benefits

For the ultimate network security and unparalleled interoperability, look no further than the Ribbon SBC 5110.

  • True multimedia SBC support for audio, video and collaboration with advanced security, priority, identity and service quality capabilities – without compromising performance or scale
  • No loss in performance or scale with all product features enabled and operational at the same time, including encryption
  • Certified SIP interoperability with the industry’s leading solutions, including multi-vendor IP-PBX interoperation
  • Modular DSP design to meet the demands of real-time communications
  • Complete protection from attack and theft of service; delivers high performance even during DoS attacks
  • Enables IPv4 and IPv6 networks to work together seamlessly with no other upgrades required 
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